kodomo No Ie
encho-sensei Kodomo No Ie established in 1987. Kazuko Umehata, founder, who has experiences of teaching children many years including in Japan.

We became Non-Profit Organization under the First United Methodist Church of San Gabriel in 1990. It will be 30th anniversary this summer.

You can hear children shouting in joy at Kodomo No Ie.

All the teachers and I try to understand the unspoken words of the children through their smiles and tears.

To teach young children is not about academic education. We believe that learning from natural elements and through everyday life gives some of the most important lessons to the young minds.

Please stop by Kodomo No Ie and see for yourself and hear what they have to say.

"I found it!"
They are excited with each small discovery in the schoolyard.

"I made it!"
"I got it!"
They share happy feelings in simple joy.

"Thank you"
They communicate in appreciation.

"It's so cute"
"Be nice and gentle"
"Eat and get big"
They give loving care to small animals.

It is sometimes extremely hard to help grow "a small seed" in each child's heart. We, as experts of childhood care, hope to share not only joy but also sorrow and sweat with parents.

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming second home to all of the graduates.

Kodomo No Ie operates on a team teaching basis with one team leader assigned for each class. The team leaders are not necessarily teachers in charge; all of our staff shares responsibilities during class hours.

Kazuko Umehata,
Director of Kodomo No Ie