kodomo No Ie
History of Kodomo No Ie (KNI)
Oct. 1987 Established with 23 children at San Gabriel UMC and Sage Granada Park UMC.
Moved to Sozenji Temple in Montebello
June 1988 Held the first graduation ceremony
Sept. 1988 Organized Parents' Association
Oct. 1990 Re-established as an affiliate preschool of San Gabriel UMC and Sage Granada Park UMC.
Mar., May & July 1993 Held the first events, Girls’ Day, Children’s Day and the Star Festival, at Huntington Library
June 1993 Had the first field trip to Lacy Park
May 1994 Changed the Sports Day venue to Coolidge School
Apr. 1996 Held a fundraising musical event for a renovation of the schoolyard
Mar. 1997 Held a Parents' Association bazaar as a fundraising for the 10th anniversary
Apr. 1997 Had a ceremony celebrating completion of the jungle gym
June 1997 Published the 10th anniversary booklet
May 2007 20th Aniniversary Committee donated Piano to KNI
July 2007 Published the 20th anniversary booklet of KNI/td>
Aug. 2007 Held the 20th anniversary ceremony with 150 people including 50 graduates
Spring 2010 Reconstructed the playground.
Apr. 2012 We started to sending collected offering to Japan as a donation to support their disasters.
Mar. 2017 Mrs.Umehata donated Piano to KNI
Aug. 2017 30th Anniversary Ceremony