kodomo No Ie
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Items you'll need 

* What you'll purchase from KNI
Name Badge
Parent-Teacher Journal
Attendance Sticker Book
School Notes Binder
Harmonica (for Sakura Class pupils only)
Indoor shoes
(You don't need to purchase shoes if you have.)
* What you'll bring from home
  • Change of clothes (one set, just in case)
  • Stationary box (It can be any type of box if everything listed below fits in it)
  • Dogubako
    • Craypas (recommended type of crayons) or Oil Pastels (can be purchased at school))
    • Scissors
    • Liquid White Glue
  • Hand towel with a loop for hanging
  • Plastic Cup (for morning class only) *Write your child's name on the bottom
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste (for afternoon class only)
  • Offering Purse (Any size or type. Handmade kit can be purchased from school)
  • Note: Write your child's name on everything. The stationary box will be kept at school during the school year. (The others stay in your child’s bag.)
* Other items for purchase (optional)
Class Photo
Subscription to children's monthly book
(Kodomo No Tomo / Kagaku No Tomo)

Parents' duties, etc.

* Snacks
Morning classes have a snack time. Parents take turns bringing store-bought snack to school (about once in 4-5 months). When it's your turn, please bring enough snacks for about 40 (34 pupils in a class + 6 teachers) and drop them off when you drop off your child. We'll distribute a snack calendar, showing when it's your turn, once or twice a year as necessary. We appreciate your cooperation in providing safe and nutritious snacks for your children's snack time.
Examples of safe and healthy snacks
- 100% juice (about 1/2 gallon)
- Seasonal fruits
- Cheese or yogurt
- Crackers
When you drop off the snacks at school, you don't need to stay and help prepare them.
Note: There may be pupils in your child's class who are allergic to snacks made with peanuts, eggs, etc. Before buying the snacks, please talk to Mrs. Umehata or the class-leader teacher.
* Birthday Party
Once a month, we celebrate birthdays of the children who were born in that month in each class. Parents of the birthday children provide snacks for the party, so talk to the other parents of the birthday children to split the snack duties when your child’s birthday month comes.
Also, when your child's birthday month comes, we send a birthday card home in your child's bag a few days before the birthday party. Please attach your child's photo and bring it to school on the day of the party.
During the party, your child will show this card to his/her classmates, so please don't forget to bring it back on the day of the party!
* Offering
After a kid-friendly Christian story, children will place their offerings themselves into the offering can, teaching them to be thankful. On the offering day, have your child bring an offering (i.e. $0.25) in his/her offering purse.
The collected offering will be sent to Japan as a donation to support their disasters.
* Children who are in toilet-training
Please try to complete the toilet training.
* Volunteering
A lot of school events are possible thanks to pupils' parents volunteering under the guidance of the Kodomo No Ie Parents Association. This is a great opportunity for you as a parent to support school events as well as to see your child's growth up close. We appreciate your active participation.
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