kodomo No Ie

Hiyoko No Kai

Hiyoko No Kai is a class for toddlers and their parent(s)
Hiyoko No Kai "Mommy & Me"
Class Age Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Hiyoko No Kai 1yr+ 9:30 -


We recommend that your child be old enough to enjoy the class activities, which include some crafts. However, we do accept children age 1 or even younger, if they can enjoy the activities. Please use your best judgement.


Singing, hand games, rythm games, picture book reading, craft etc.


First United Methodist Church Hall (Next door to the Kodomo No Ie gate)


We have "One day trial". Please feel free to join us.

Registration and payment

Please fill out the "Hiyoko No Kai" registration form and turn in with a check for the registration fee.

Tuition will be collected before the class stats. Please pay by cash or personal check (make payable to: KODOMO NO IE).