kodomo No Ie
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Enrollment Process

We accept students year-round if there is an opening for your preferred class(es). If you wish to enroll in September, please refer to the schedule below.

* School Visit
Please contact us beforehand if you would like to visit our school.
* From April on: Start taking applications for new students.
Please fill out the enrollment form and send it by mail or bring it in person along with a registration fee payable to Kodomono No Ie.
* July: Mail out enrollment information
You will receive information on the enrollment ceremony. We may not be able to accommodate your request.
* September: Enrollment ceremony and new school year ceremony
The ceremony is followed by commemoration photo-taking, goods purchasing and the distribution of various paperwork necessary for the official enrollment procedure.

  1. Identification and Emergency Information
    Permission for Trips or Outing
    Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
  2. Physician's Report
  3. Child Preadmission Health History- Parent's Report
  4. Notification of Parent's Rights
  5. Personal Rights
  6. Photo Release Form
  7. Child Abuse Prevention Pamphlet Receipt
  8. Release of Liability
Please return all the paperwork to Kodomo No Ie within 7 days.
Please be sure to abide by the deadline as some of the documents are required by the State of California.
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